Privacy Policy

The privacy policy that each site is following to treat the clients’ information is as essential as the service itself and even more. And as we are aware of this defy, we take great measures to keep safe your privacy. To mention, all information you may communicate on our site has the maximum security and it’s under our responsibility. Sometimes we may divulge few information, but just what’s vital to improve our services. Once you go to another third part site, including sites that link to us or with which we do business, you could probably conform policies not similar to ours, and you should remember this. And if you want our advice, don’t communicate your information to any site prior to asking questions. Also, if you want to inquire about our policy, feel free to contact us.

For the purpose of improving our services and persuading our clients, we set cookies to go after your path on our site. In case you don’t like cookies to be installed on your browser, you still have the option to erase them. But when erased, some part of our site might not work.

By making use of site (, you automatically give your agreement to what integrated in our policies. We keep the right to change our policies at any time we want, but when we decide to do so you are going certainly be alerted on time.

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